The Kitchen at Elk Haven

So many wonderful things happen in our kitchen, you almost have to smile whenever you go in there. It's a sensory feast!

Smells: Wow. Every day is different. It's hard to pick a favorite. COOKIES!! On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, the aroma of baking cookies fills the Wellness Center. And when we're lucky, a plate of warm, gingery, gluten-free heaven shows up in the front foyer. Reason To Bake, we love you!

Fresh Green Heart vegetable juices! On Monday and Thursday, the whole place smells green and clean. Cilantro, lemon, green apples, fresh greens, celery, ginger and turmeric. Your nose will convince you to do what's right for your body. Drink some fresh juice and take some of it home tomorrow. You will glow from the inside out!

If you love the smell of garlic, you will love Tuesday afternoons, when John from Morningside Ferments is chopping away to prepare health-giving kimchi and kraut. Way better for you than probiotic supplements, fermented veggies keep your digestion and immune system going strong.

Sights and sounds of our kitchen. The kitchen sounds are happy sounds. Carolyn sings joyfully as she chops the ginger and scoops the dough. Elise's lovely laugh lasts through long days of loading and unloading the oven. Katie and the Green Heart gals keep it rocking! They have a great playlist, and they fill the kitchen with lovely chatter, solving the world's problems through their entrepreneurial spirit AND that juice. John brings energy and passion to Morningside, chopping and tossing, salting and pressing cabbage, carrots, and mmmmmm garlic!