Building's History

Long before 100 Elks Club Road became the home of Elk Haven Wellness Center, it served the community as an Elks Club lodge. Built in 1983 to replace a lodge that was lost to fire, the new building was given a modern, somewhat Asian look by its architects, a detail that has been accentuated in the remodeling.

The Elks Club was a social hotspot for many years, offering alongside membership activities: fine dining, Monday night Bingo, youth soccer kick-offs, scholarship programs, an annual fundraising truck raffle, billiards and some slightly secret slot machines!

When the local Elks Club went into decline, activity in the building gradually slowed to a stop and the club dispersed. In 2013, the property was offered for sale by the national Elks Club. Bruce and Belinda Roberts bought 100 Elks Club Road in 2014 with the plan of moving Bruce's business in from town, where he rented a space on Main Street.

Demolition was organized and largely executed by Bruce. Architectural advice came from Sam Brewton, one of the original architects of the building and a neighbor to the property. Henry Roess and Roess Builders performed the rebuilding after an almost complete gutting of the smoke and water damaged interior. Bruce laid floors and built bathroom stalls. The painting parties were endless!

In May 2015, Bruce's business moved into 100 Elks Club Road and, in March 2016, the kitchen at Elk Haven and the two back treatment rooms were opened for business. Quickly, the remaining space in the Wellness Center began to be discovered by wellness practitioners and other members of the community. Right about here is where "And they lived happily ever after" goes. We're still growing into our lovely space and getting busier every day. What started as a community center is still a community center of a different sort. Life at Elk Haven Wellness is good. The building has gained vibrant new life,  offering the community a broad mix of activities and services that support wellness holistically.

By Belinda Roberts