Susan Popiel, RN, BSN, CST

 I am a Registered Nurse who graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and have served in NC and SC in settings including the hospital, outpatient clinics, school system and in home health care. I have always considered herself to be holistic minded and worked with each client compassionately and as an individual with unique needs. I also recognize the interrelated influences of each person's mental, physical emotional and spiritual states. 

In 2005, I found myself on the "patient side" of healthcare with an injury, and work related stress and tension. Seeking gentle and noninvasive solutions, I received multiple holistic bodywork therapies. As I learned more about the healing benefits of these modalities, I decided that I wanted to study these therapies and offer the services to others. This led to the transition from traditional nursing to a private practice, Popiel Holistic Therapy. I have received training and certification in Craniosacral Therapy, Clinical and Process Acupressure, and Zero Balancing. I am dedicated to maintaining my skills through continuing education. I have also received training in guided imagery, journaling, and the healing power of prayer and meditation. These tools support me  both personally and professionally.

Popiel Holistic Therapy




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